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My Orbit 2 on O2 Feedback

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Hi all, just got my Orbit 2 on o2 a few weeks ago and I think its brilliant, looks great too!

Just had one problem, I used some backup software on the phone which backs up all your important stuff like contacts messages etc to your memory card... but alas running this backup software crashed my phone (ironic? or just sods law lol), wouldn't turn on after that, just froze at the loading screen with the volume bar displaying?!? Had to hard reset so I lost everything... thankfully I have all the contacts stored on Outlook. I blame the software that I used not the phone.

Anyway after all that, I can safely say this is a nice working phone, the TouchFlo software works really well and is very handy (ps, Is the TouchFlo cube customisable?). Built in GPS has proven very useful and works really fast too. I used to have TomTom on my old phone but thought I would give the pre installed CoPilot a try first and it seems to work very well once you get used to it.

What will prove very useful will be the memory card slot which is set up to take a 32GB micro HD when they are released...or become affordable, allowing plenty of room for movies and music etc.

If you can do without a full keyboard I would definately recommend this, If you use your PPC mainly for surfing the net or writing emails/documents, this may not be the best option as you would really have to use the on screen keyboard with the stylus (which is big enough to hold in your hand like a pen and not one of those annoying extendable things that always seems to break or dissappear)

Not much more I have to say that hasnt already been said elsewhere...

Overall its a good looking phone with lots of useful functions.

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