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Flaws in Mail and Safari applications in iPhone

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iPhone Mail bug adds phishing danger

News has been coming in about a flaw in Mail and Safari applications bundled with the iPhone which leave users of the device at greater risk of phishing attacks.

Details of the attacks are mentioned below...

A URL-spoofing vulnerability means that a dodgy domain pointed to by a specially crafted URL can appear to be that of a trusted brand when viewed through the iPhone's mail or Safari browser applications.

Mail and Safari on version 1.1.4 and 2.0 of the iPhone firmware are affected by this vulnerability. Earlier versions may also be buggy. , Security researcher Aviv Raff, who found the flaw, is withholding technical details pending the release of patches from Apple.

Apple are advising the users to enter the URL manually, rather than clicking on the address until this bug is fixed.

Could we see more of these bugs being found now that iPhone/Apple are getting more popular?

[Via: The Register]

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Jeesssss, if only you can get a specially crafted e-mail through the iPhone [with MobileMe], I'd be overjoyed :D

Yes I'm one of that tiny minority called the "1percenters".............. <_<

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