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Help me decide between Diamond and Sony!

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People of Modaco land,

At risk of being beaten with an array of cellular devices, I nonetheless am trying to choose between 2 phones and would appreciate your learned opinions.

I have owned nothing but HTC's finest, since the original SPV, but am sorely tempted to get a Sony W760i now my latest contract is up.

It's the battery life that's mainly putting me off, my current VarioII is constantly drained, which is a drag when you're on the move, and the Diamond sounds no better! (Although it does look super-sexy).

The Sony has good music credentials and GPS, which are the 2 main things I'm after (can't stretch to the Iphone on my current budget, plus it's a bit chunky I reckon...), and no battery horror stories that I have come across thus far.

It was an easyish choice until the upgrade woman slashed the price of the Diamond to £20 on my measly £22.50 W&W tariff.

Should I stay within the fold, or try 'the other side?'

Go easy on me though folks, there's nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation, is there?

Is there...?

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It's too late.

My lurid pink-screened Diamond is freshly blinking in my hand now.

I've bought a car charger and am hoping for the best...

Especially for the hard of thinking, can someone direct me to the best thread for software updates etc? My head is swimming with ROMs and flashing and God knows what. I want to keep the programs I've got I guess, but hate the pink theme(it's already been designated a girl's phone by the missus) and want it to be a bit quicker. The HTC site says my s/n is incorrect so I can't progress down that route, though to be honest, I haven't got a fracking clue what I'm meant to be doing anyway!

I'm not as thick as mince usually, I'm just not understanding all these threads on updating. I can't be the only one!

I can't find an idiots guide and boy, do I need one!

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Check out here for alot of information on flashing your Diamond, what you need to do and when http://www.modmydiamond.info

also http://www.xda-developers.com have loads of info bout the Diamond, new Roms, cooked roms, etc. so thats another good place to try.

Good luck! :D

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