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O2 Germany launches EDGE and increases HSDPA coverage

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O2 Germany launches EDGE and increases HSDPA coverage

O2 Germany has launched EDGE Network in parts of South Germany by enabling 700 of their mobile mast to support EDGE when you are outside the UMTS coverage.

O2 Germany today announced it has launched parts of its EDGE network in Southern Germany. According to O2 Germany's press release, today 700 sites went live and provides EDGE instead of GPRS if a customer is out of UMTS coverage.

In the next days, EDGE is planned to go live in other regions as well. Until end of this year, O2 Germany plans to have more than 4500 sites EDGE enabled which basically means that O2 customers can expect a bandwidth increase from today's 53 Kbps (with GPRS) up to 236 Kbps (with EDGE).

Great news for Germany customers! Now you can watch streaming video/radio and other uses over their new EDGE network. ;)

Are you getting the EDGE network from your phone now? How are you finding the speed?

[Via: the::unwired]

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