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any browser needed

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hi all, i have a very boring job and bassicly i pass my time by using my i600 becuase i have unlimited internet usage and its great for passing time,

only reason i dont like using the standard internet explorer is becuase it doesnt seem to display sites very well plus some sites come up as a mobile version when i want the full site such as ebay

just wondering anyone know of a browser i can download direct to my phone as a cab or something? tried getting opera but it doesnt see to install properly plua ive tried re downloading it again but still no luck,

so all in all anyone know of any free browsers i can quickly download for my samgsung i600 win 5.0


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Have you tried Opera Mini?


I know you said you've tried Opera, but you didn't say what version as there's a basic Opera web browser and Opera Mini.

ive tried downloading both versions of opera and it downloads it then says installtion unsuccessful, i have been trying for weeks with opera and dont know hymn it wont install this is why i was wondering if thers any otheroptions out there?

but no, opera is a no go for me, thanks anyway ;)

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just tried again for the millionth time to download opera mini and it errord this time even before it tried to download it, error was this file cannot be viewed on this device,

even when it manages to download it it just says installation is unsuccessful,

is there no other browsers out there for my i600?


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I really don't know about your specific phone, but Opera/OperaMini are supposed to work on windows devices (and many others). They are amongst the most popular browsers around. Opera Mini is free and is Java based.

Normally one needs to download a .cab file for installations. You could do that from your computer and transfer the file to your phone (activesync) or download it directly on your phone. After that you need to run the .cab file using a file browser. I expect those basics would be done rightly. Also, I hope you are downloading the correct version of the software for your phone platform.

Regarding the browsers: I have recently tried quite a few. Am finally using that is a surprising choice- UCWEB. It is a browser from China. As I understand, it has options for the content to be transcoded via a server (like opera mini) which saves on net usage costs (irrelevant in your case) and also usually makes the browsing faster, as the content is compressed/reformatted for mobiles BEFORE it reaches you phone. Also has many many options/features (tabbed browsing, easy downloading, formatting options, image quality, image zoom, etc. etc.). Despite lack of suitable support in English, like it immensely.


(don't judge the browser based on the poor usage of English on the site.

I haven't even been able to find the place to log into their site for using the extended options of email etc. Still find it the best amongst the free browsers I have checked.


PS: In case anyone finds a place to log in to the site and use the other options of email etc, please reply and update us.

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