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Tmobile Network Down

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At about 9.05 this morning (20/11/08) my phone stopped sending text messages and proceeded to display no service.

Tried my sim in a number of phones and still the same thing.

Called up t-mobiles customer service no:

0845 412 5000

and then said that the network had indeed been down since about 9 oclock today and that they are working on it as we speak. I asked how long and they didnt have a time when it would be fixed.

This according to the Customer Services Representative affects the South of the UK. Im in East Anglia so it looks like its the whole bottom part of the UK thats being affected.

Anyone else getting any problems?

Also post any new findings info in this thread.



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Im in Peterborough. I thought it was just me but apparently the woman at t-mobile said that alot of people have been calling in and that they have no idea when it will be fixed!

I thought it was my iPhone playing up, obviously being on tmobile not o2, i thought that the sim card unlocker was playing up or faulty but apparently not the case. Tried in my old Diamond and still the same.

Be interesting to see who else is affected.

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according to my sauces,

they where doing a scheduled upgrade to one of the database sans and cocked it up (non technical term)



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Well the network was working, albeit patchy with my phone still saying no network every now and then from about 3 oclock yesterday afternoon. Seems ok now.

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