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Working together - MoDaCo and VITO Technology

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I'm pleased to announce that VITO Technology - friends of MoDaCo and existing 'Plus Partners' - have elected to extend their support of the site.

Effective immediately, VITO join devicewire.com as one of our key site sponsors, working with us to help promote and develop their extensive range of Windows Mobile products (more details of which can be found at http://www.VITOTechnology.com).

Of course, VITO's partnership with MoDaCo is designed to increase their exposure to the great Windows Mobile community we have here, but over and above that they are genuinely keen to solicit product feedback from the enthusiastic types that like to hang out on the site ;-) To this end, please feel free to check out VITO's products, and share / discuss what's good, what's not so good and how you'd like to see the products develop and improve in future releases.

We will soon have a full review of their flagship iWindowsMobile Communication suite online, so if you've used that suite or any of it's components, i'd be glad to hear your thoughts.

A big thank you to VITO for their ongoing support and to you - the readership - too!


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Have been using Zoomboard, Winterface and Funcontact.

Winterface works great on Omnia, there are 2 points that could be improved though.

1. The slide to unlock feature could do with needing a little less of the sliding to open.

2. The add files to the interface could really need kinetic scrolling and/or a alphabetic quick jump selection list bar on the side.

Zoomboard also works good and supports many keyboard language layouts, but the zoom feature is a tad slow and it does not utilize the full screen length in landscape.

FunContact also works good for contacts, but i cant seem to get it to also list up the sim-card numbers.

All 3 apps have a sleek black look.

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