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Live Messenger sign-in error

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Hi all,

I'm receiving the following error upon trying to sign in to my MSN account:

There was a problem signing you in to Messenger. It may be the service or you may be in a place with bad reception. Please try again later.

The little set up thing wen you run the app goes fine all the way to the last step when I get the message above.

I am definitely NOT in a place with poor signal. I messed with the (few) settings within Messenger, still no go.

I have an old Passport account ([email protected]), which works fine on my PC, my old WM5 PDA, and my CrackBerry. Just for testing purposes, I created a new Hotmail account, still no go.

Is there an answer somewhere else in the forum?? I noticed people on XDA forums complained about the same issue, but I found no solution.

Is there an updated version of Live Messenger I should get??


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I have the same problem, i can acces the internet without any problems, but when i try to sign in at messenger i get the same error.

Can anyone help :D

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reinstalling windows live helped me. but if it's cooked into rom i don't know what to do. this problem is only on newest version of windows live

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thx for your fast answer .

i have installed "nimbuz" on my phone. it works perfect and i have a lot more options. :D

I've tried nimbuz/palringo/fring and they all had their own problems.

Nimbuz you cant transfer files and will randomly not receive messeges that the other person sent

Palringo would have problems connecting all the time, then just disconnect or close when it felt like it.

Fring made the whole phone slow and when you had a low signal it would cause an error and shut down.

I'm sure not everyone has these problems but I just couldn't ever get the third party messenger apps to run reliably when I needed them to.

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