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GPRS Data monitor on X1

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Are there any programs that can track how much GPRS data I've been using on the X1??

I've looked but not found any specific references to the X1.

I've got the "sony ericsson homescreen" as my main screen. Any chances of the Data monitor being integrated into it?? (at the moment i can only change the homescreen's settings via SE's own "options". I.e. i dont think its part of the WM6.1 original homescreen settings.

Confusing I know, but hopefully someone can help!

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Hi, I use SPB Wireless Monitor. It really is a great program, and has a plugin to show in the today screen.

Another positive feature is the fact that you can select multiple datatransfers to be shown; such as Wifi/Wlan, T-mobile Internet and T-mobile MMS (I got a dataplan from T-mobile), and even USB. So you really can see how much data is going in and out. Maybe this program is what you're searching for!

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