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Can someone help me install tomtom on my e650

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I have brought a tomtom navigator 5 from ebay :) got it today but cant seem to instal it :S can anyone help

i have the product code / cd/ sd card with tom tom on

i have copyed al the files from the sd card to my mermory card but it wont install?

pease hope someone can help ( help someone who has brought the real thing and not downloaded it)

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I thort it was easy to get tomtom5 working on the e650 ???? if so meny people have done it why wont anyone reply?

Have you checked for hidden files on SD-card?

Also, I think after copying on microSD card, if you copied through activesync, disconnect the phone, than pull out the microsd card, and insert it back. It should ask you if you want to install.

I also have an E650, but for navigating I chose GarminMobile XT, and I have Garmin R.O.A.D. 2008.

It works great with an external GPS receiver :D :)

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