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I got an unlocked HTC cruise. everything works great, except the activeSync. I've installed windows activeSync 4.5 on my computer and restarted windows, but the computer was trying to install some driver, which I don't have (this used unit didn't come with the CD). Now it complain that there is an unknow USB device when I plug the USB cable in. the computer can't find the device, and the phone can't see the computer either.

I wonder if there is a driver software that I can download somewhere? or is the USB cable the issue? (I suspect it was not original, but a regular USB cable, but are they the same, anyway?) Thanks.


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Do you have a pc with Vista or XP? If you have XP then you need Activesync but if you have Vista then you actually need Device Manager instead.

To sync your device with your PC you also need a copy of Outlook which used to be free with devices but unfortunately now only comes as a trial version.

The other thing to check is your firewall settings as this is also a common cause of your pc not seeing the device.

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