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American s743

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I received my s743 yesterday afternoon from Expansys-usa.

I am very pleased with the device so far. I was using a Blackjack II before this and it has taken me very little time to adjust to the new qwerty keyboard.

I have a question that I hope someone can answer - where is the FM Radio?

I can't find the application for FM. I saw in an alternative forum screen captures of the application and it's location, but I don't see it included on my phone. :excl:


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I hope everyone sees this as the US version S743 DOES yes DOES have FM Radio!!

Run the attached cab on your device and you'll be quite surprised. Note that you will need to edit the .xml files in \windows in order to make it display right since I think it's made for 640x480 displays. But yeah it scanned my stations and found them on my S743!


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