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Replaced HTC Touch HD behaving differently

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Hi everyone,

I've had my Touch HD since November 08 and everything was fine until I dropped it. Luckily I have insurance and the new phone was delivered to me today. Here's the odd thing, if the backlight of my original Touch HD was off and I received an SMS, the phone would just vibrate to alert me but the screen would still be off. With the new phone that I got today, when I receive an SMS, the phone wakes up and stays awake until I look at the SMS. I've searched in Settings and there's no mention of the backlight coming on when receiving an SMS. If I get an SMS in the middle of the night, the screen will be on until I wake up and acknowledge it. Clearly is going to be a problem with battery life if this isn't resolved.

After Googling around a bit I found there's various mention of a Reg Key to adjust, only on this phone, the key isn't there. I looked at Advanced Configuration Tools v3.2 as it lists that it has "Wake up on new SMS" toggle built in. Installed it to my phone and low and behold, the option isn't there.

Anyone know how to turn this feature off?

Thanks for your help everyone!

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