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[ROM] Snap v1.4 [build 21040] [WM 6.1]

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Snap v1.4 (English only)

Pics first.


Available storage and memory is after some usage!

Usually 23 MB of RAM after startup and about 51 MB of storage after cold boot!

Please read everything (1st, 2nd and 3rd post) before you ask questions!!!

The cold boot takes very long do not abort it (about 5 minutes from pressing the power button until pressing "Reboot")

It includes the SYS of the HTC Snap/Captain (S520) (CE OS 5.2.21040 (Build 21040.1.6.0)).


- default theme background by NRGZ28 (thanks anyway smile.gif)

- Office, Games

- dotNET 3.5

- Vox xT9 (install your language from Start Menu -> Expert -> xT9 languages)

- MoDaCo DoNew (with Office 2007 support)

- CHomeConfig

- Connection Setup (from Snap)

- Rinku's Iconbar

- WM5torage 1.9

- BaseHue

- CHome Icon Color Changer

- PPCPimBackup

- SMS Inbox Threading Config (turn on/off)

- keyboard layouts (screenshot)

- ArcSoft MMS (old one from Vox, because of better configuration smile.gif)

- packages from Rose/Snap:

  • Adobe PDF
  • HTC AudioManager
  • Bluetooth Software (FTP and SAP)
  • Concurrence Manager (no idea what that is or does)
  • DRMMiddleware
  • Inner Circle (has to be activated through Start Menu -> Expert)
  • CommManager
  • CyberonVoiceTag
  • DShow
  • HTC Album
  • HTC Sliding Panel (has to be activated through Start Menu -> Expert)
  • Jbed Java (Esmertec 20081002_2_1)
  • LockstreamDRM
  • mHubVO
  • PhoneCanvas_2G
  • PictureEnhancement
  • Quick Notes
  • RSSHub
  • ShareDLL
  • StreamingSrcFilter
  • Unlock Screen Clock
  • Volume Control (has to be activated through Start Menu -> Expert)

    - shortcuts VolUp - VolDown (long press for Bluetooth - Wifi on/off)
    - tgetfile.dll
    - a lot of registry tweaks

    - Welcome Center
    - Windows Live
    - SQM (customer feedback)
    - Livesearch
    - Sample Music


    Download from Media Fire

    Included WM 6.5ish theme: The new menu for xT9 languages in Snap v1.3:
    cezoom0.th.jpg lang.th.jpg

    Changes from v1.3 to v1.4:
    • removed timebomb

    Changes from v1.2 to v1.3:

    [*]cold boot is faster

    [*]weather is update-able on all themes (HTC's themes and WM 6.5ish, not on "Sliding Panel" and "Sliding Panel Media")

    [*]WM5Torage is working

    [*]changed Office, Expert and Games folder icons

    [*]changed the Activate weather icon

    [*]made Volume Control and InnerCircle optional (activate vie Start Menu)

    [*]xT9 languages have to be installed from Start Menu

    [*]French keyboard layout is now showing up in Start Menu as well

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1. The cold boot is very long, your Vox is not stuck, let it finish!

2. The ROM boots in English only, there is no need to ask for more languages, because the *.mui files from NeoRose don't work with this SYS!

3. If you want to change the keyboard layout go to Start Menu\Expert\Keyboard Layouts and install the respective *.cab (uninstalling brings you back to English qwerty)

4. If you want to change the startup and shutdown screens, I attached 2 CABs. One with HTC's screens and one with WM 6.1 screens!

5. If you want to us NRGZ28's background I also attached that!

6. If you want the themes without Rinku's Iconbar, install the attached CAB!

7. How to get the normal start menu icons back.






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Unfortunately, with this SYS, Active Sync opens itself randomly, to stop that you have to set up a fake Exchange Server (or is you use a real one that's fine too):


Simply open Active Sync and follow the steps above!

Add a Server Source! Then enter everything as seen seen above!

You will get a E-Mail with tips in your Outlook inbox, simply delete it:


Open your text messages and click to the right (D-Pad) to get to the Outlook inbox!

After that everything is fine and Active Sync only starts when you connect it to your PC!

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