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issues/questions Samsung JACK SGH-i637

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sorry if not in the right place to post. I just bought this phone, it's supposed to be the succesor to the blackjack and so far I got mixed feelings about it. The phone seems to be heavily locked down and dumbed down by AT&T, more so than other phone's I've had before.

I've already spent all afternoon yesterday changing some things to make the phone less crippled.

There are two nagging things left here. One, I've got a problem with internet explorer, on all my previous smartphones if you don't kill the IE process or terminate it, when you go back you go back to the page you were at last. This phone doesn't do that, I can see the page I was at previously for a fraction of a second, then it goes into the homepage. it's like it kills the task and restarts it, every time. It's annoying!

The second issue is purely cosmetic. I was using a tmo dash previously, flashed with kavana's rom, and now when I look at the sliding panel screen the titles (clock, etc, all the titles in the panels) look too big! Kavana's rom in the HTC made the fonts on the homescreen thinner, more pleasing to the eye. I can upload screen pics if you'd like, but if you look at screenshots from kavana's rom and a regular rom you'll see what I'm talking about. I've spent hours searching for ways to change the font's look, I've done all the changes I could possibly do with regedit, the font still looks exactly the same. I compared the reg keys and settings on both phones and they match to the dot, so the settings for the fonts on the homescreen have to be somewhere else, I'm wondering if somebody can point me in that direction.

Finally, any word on any clean rom for this phone? Would a BJ2 rom work on it?

Thank you!

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Exact same question I have, I bought mine from a Mexican carrier(I live here) and it's also locked down, I can't use the GPS ! Anyone know what I can do?

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well it seems it's still too early in the game for this phone since not too much info is out there about it.

One thing keeps bugging me to no end and I just can't find an answer. Like I said in my opening post, I'm used to work with WM phones, and I know for a fact that when you are browsing on PIE, if you get out of it (by pressing the home button or the end button) you're supposed to go back to the page you were viewing when you go back into PIE. this is NOT the case with this phone. I can be on any website, if I get out, once I click again on the IE icon it takes me to the homepage. IT'S ANNOYING! has ANYBODY else experienced this or better, know how to make it stop?? I can get back to my browsing session if I click the "back" button, but if I'm browsing and then have started other 3 or 4 programs, made a couple of calls or sent messages, I'd have to click back about 10 times before I can get back to IE.

thank you

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