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Locking Down a Q9H

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Hey all, I had another account but for some reason can't get in on it...anyway...

My wife just upgraded to an iPhone 3GS, and we are my mother her Moto Q9H. With the addition of the phone, in order to keep mms messages, we had to leave a "pay as you go" data plan on there.

I want to know how I can lock out pretty much any attempt at data from the phone. I want to remove all of the programs on the phone that try to use data, everything. Basically I want her to just be able to make phone calls, look at pictures, listen to music, and make phone calls, that's pretty much it.

I am still searching around, so bear with me if this has already been discussed, and please, instead of telling me how I should search more, perhaps just point me in the right direction!

Cheers, and thanks in advance!

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