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Language switches only to French

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This isn't really an issue for me, but I am curious how it might happen.

Basically, I bought my OII in a famous mall in Hong Kong where they sell "water cargo" phones. In other words, it's not intended for the local retail market in Hong Kong. Normally the OII is $5788 HKD ($751 USD) but if you buy a "water cargo" version, it ends up being around $4000 HKD ($519 USD).

When I bought my phone, it took hours, because each phone they brought out had to be switched from Chinese to English. The problem is, whenever they switched languages, it would always switch to French! Even though in the TouchWiz settings, that language was not available!

Eventually I got one that could be switched to English (it was the 5th phone they tried).

I am curious what may have caused this? My guess is that they sloppily flashed a European phone with a Chinese firmware, and that broke language settings somehow...

Totally irrelevant now, since my phone isn't affected. But I know some people here like to tinker with their phones, and probably know what may have caused this :)

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