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Most advanced Android Spy or Monitoring Software Launched

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Commercial version of most advanced Android Spy Software called mobistealth is available now. Mobistealth enables you to monitor/protect children, catch cheating spouse, implement company policies, catch criminals and protect/recover Android phones. Mobistealth is most advanced product of its kind on Android phones. Parents are using it to protect children from dangers of sexting which has become an epidemic. It is already in use in West Africa to stop kidnappings and even catch the kidnappers. Some companies are even using it record meetings/interviews etc. It's a multipurpose and powerful application but should be used in lawful manner. Following is the supported feature list

- Remotely Listen to surroundings of phone

- Picture Logging

- SMS Logging with all details

- Logging of Complete Call History

- Logging of Contact Details

- Logging of Bookmarks

- Logging of Calendar/Appointment Details

- Logging of Current Location

- Logging of Complete location history

- Logging of SIM Change Notification

- Logging of CellID based Location

- Location Reporting Preference ( GPS or Cell ID based)

- Location Information Through SMS

- Phone wipe in case phone is stolen

You can view further details at http://mobistealth.com

Note: Some more features to stop sexting will be added in next few weeks



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Nice reviews about MobiStealth phone spy software. I appreciate your thoughtful writes. Anyway now MobiStealth have more advace and powerful features of spy on any smartphone. i.e blackberry, Android, Symbian OS, Windows mobile & iPhone. Below are the details:

  • MobiStealth Spy Software programs allows you to file each of the calls which can be made from or to the specified amounts and enables you to pay attention them at any time you want to.
    • You will get all the information like simply call history and phone duration for all of the calls together with the assistance of MobiStealth mobile spy software program by which you possibly can filter out the numbers that are dialed or acquired excessively.
      • With the assistance of MobiStealth mobile spy software, you're going to get a one-of-a-kind facility of making a spy get in touch with which enables you to pay attention many of theconversations happening inside the surrounding from the specified number. This assistance can be obtained by quickly sending a SMS and mobile spy software will record each of the communications which might be occurring during the bordering with the selection.
        • You can continue to keep an eye on each motion from the cheating wife or husband along with the enable of mobile spy software or mobile phone GPS tracker which will be included from the mobile spy software program package.

      • Mobile spy software will permit you see the emails information that is sent and obtained from your target range. Additionally it's possible to even test the browsing heritage, and all other pursuits which can be completed on-line from the specified multitude.
      • Getting the particulars for every contact saved within the mobile phone memory is no a great deal more a very difficult career while using allow of mobile spy software.
      • Read every one of the SMS text messages along with the enable of mobile spy software which have been sent and acquired from your selection even if they are deleted through the mobile phone.

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Pay attention to Children safety

Many parents have already raised awareness with youths health and growth as to what constitutes inappropriate use such as mobile phones, internet and so on.

Children in teenage are rebellion, parents who buy mobile phones for them who want to develop them and keep in touch when they are after school while for a long time and not go home, contact timely some unexpected incidents happened. Without regarpd to these children they may use the phone to chat on cell phone with stranger, and even they are near of cyber-bullying.

You may learn that your child may be absent occasionally, but he told you that he is always studying hard at school and never be absent, so GPS Location Track function may give your detail place where your children are. Patiently educate and let him admit his mistake and keep away from lying.

As we know, it is difficult to enforce age restrictions on the internet, so children may get access some adult website via mobile phones, abuse over the internet on cell phone. Mobile Tracking system installed on your child smart phone will record all the browse history and send the information to the server email address you preset to learn recent children activities and seek correct way to guide children.

When your children do homework in their bedroom after school, do they really study hard or do something else? Track mobile and learn what they really do. Spending too much time on playing games will lead to myopia or develop a solitary character.

Keep children away from cyber-bullying, child pornography and trolling and let the software for you to perceive clues.

OX Mobile Spy-Spy appliaction on Mobile Phone

Key features description in short key words.

1. Call Records

2. Contact information records

3. Message Records

4. GPS geographical position track

5. Records of software installed in cell phone

6. Notification of SIM card changing

Download: http://download.cnet.com/OX-Mobile-Spy/3000-2162_4-75909600.html

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