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Vodafone loyalty worth 3p or much less

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Hi all,

Just want to vent my dissatisfaction...

Firstly, I would say that the Vodafone agent was polite.

I am now 14 months into my 12 month contract and I had waited the extra 2 months before upgrading because of the HD2.

I called up Vodafone Upgrades this evening and the best upgrade they could offer me on the HD2 was:

- £34.26 line rental, 600minutes, Unlimited SMS, Unlimited Mobile Internet + £13.68 one off payment.

Looked ok until I checked Vodafone website and for £35.00 a month, I could get the HD2 with 900 minutes with similar unlimited SMS and internet.

That means a new customer will get 300 minutes extra even though I have been a customer paying £40 a month for the last 14 months.

So much for the value of being a loyal customer.

My next decision was to go for the cheapest SIM only offer because I wanted to retain my current Vodafone number.

(I would buy the HD2 as a new contract and wanted to minimise the cost at keeping my current number.)

Vodafone Upgrades managed a bit better here:

- £9.79 a month, 30 day SIM only, with 500 SMS.

Looking at the Vodafone website, a new customer will have to pay more than an upgrading customer this time.

But only by 3p as this SIM only package will cost £10.00.

In both these instances, I told Vodafone that as a current customer looking for an upgrade, I was ... being rubbished!

Vodafone said that they valued me and was keen to keep as a customer but they could not offer me any upgrade that was significantly better the what was on their website.

Vodafone... I am disappointed!

From this discussion, I can deduce that Vodafone values their upgrading customers by offering them worthless discounts and poorer packages than any new customer.

Can anyone out there suggest how I may get a better deal on my upgrade?

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Call them again and ask to speak to retensions as you are considering terminating your contract.

Retensions have the best offer, or the other idea is to port your number to a SIM free contract on another network then sign up for the voda contract you want and port back again.

Some networks charge for porting but I know Tesco do not as I ported from them recently.

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Hi kunj,

I understand why you would feel frustrated by this situation.

Could you please contact us via this link -


(Please quote the code WRT135 in the subject line and include your username and a link to this thread in the body of your message)

We will then be able to take a look into your price plan and upgrade options further.

All the best


Web Relations Team

Vodafone UK

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