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SlideIT versus Swype

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We see you have re-packaged our software and are distributing it. We are glad to hear that you guys like Swype, but we are obligated to state that we don't condone such activity nor support the result. Naturally those of you asking for new languages and features should wait until we launch a device in your market. Obviously, we won't support unlicensed versions of our software.

One might ask why we don't just release the .cab file ourselves and save everyone the hassle. The reason is that we have spent seven years building Swype and we want to try to make a living selling our software. That means someone needs to pay for it. Thus far, our business model is OEM licensing. We do plan to get to direct-to-consumer distribution but it is a different sort of business and thus it is hard to say when.

In the meantime, enjoy using Swype and please look out for a better, more integrated, and legal version coming soon to a phone near you.


The Swype Team

PS. Our lawyer has asked us to remind everyone about copyright infringement and to inform you that Swype reserves all of its rights.

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This post is about a demo called SlideIT, it does not appeared to have been edited unless a mod has done so without my knowledge.

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