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HTC imagio / whitestone

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Can you please add a device specific forum for the htc whitestone/imagio. its getting to be a popular phone. i recently ordered one and was surprised to see no support here on modaco.

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i am also wanting IMAGIO forums. i've had one for 4 days now and not sure if i'm happy with it. i thought it would have the capabilities of the other winmo devices with touch but there is no multi-touch and fpsece it pretty tempermental with it. i cant get the G sensor to work with fpsece and without multi-touch it really isn't a joy to even have.

I did install some useful apps that work:


skyfire (zoom bar n/a. use app zoom)

esmertec jbed (java game emulator. only some games will work. 480x800 screen and only touch screen)

wunder radio (internet radio, very good)

fring (skype, yahoo, gtalk)

if anyone has any good games for imagio let me know please.

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