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[PRJ-REQ] Tatanium theme: Winmo 7

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Hi all,

I saw the winmo 7 video other day in youtube. It looks great but it was like a dejavu for me. I have sony erricsson Xperia X1, in that we have a panel called Media experience, it is more or less the same as new winmo interface. (for those who haven't seen it


The only differences are that instead of txt showing you where you are (each time you get in a folder the name of the txt goes on top, that way you know where you are) in Media experience it shows you an icon


notice the icon on the right ( Setting icon, underneath background icon to indicate where you are) indicates that you are in Setting>> background. Oh yeah and unlike winmo7 it is in the left side. The thing that this is missing is the clock on the background and the weather widget.

HTC UI is great but it also slows down the phone, that's why I prefer titanium. I was wondering if somebody could figure out a way to put a clock and weather widget with it.

Thanks In advance

This discussion is also going on in the xda forum


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