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i have tried to figure out how to do this myself

i've downloaded versions of flash lite, player etc etc & read innumerable pages on xda

i've tried cracked versions, repacked versions h3ll even official versions....

tried them on various opera versions & IE

i'm managed to make youtube work in opera

i don't really go on you tube, so lets just cut to the chase....

see this?


did you enjoy it?

its called motogp, the 'F1' of motorbikes & imho its the pinicle of motorsport

but please, pretty please can some tell me how the fcuk to get this video to play on the phone?

or can it not play at all?

am i resigned to a life time of waiting for someone to rip it off to youtube? (as if i'd bought an iphone :))

cheers in advance


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yeah tried the opera 10 and the cab you posted on xda last night before posting here... that cab is great and opera 10 is the closest thing to a desktop browser experience I've ever seen on my phone

still no motogp videos tho.... :)

In opera I just get the adobe logo with the number 9 when I try and play the motogp vid

obv this means that the browser wants adobe player 9 or higher but why can the flash lite product not handle the video in motogp like it can on other sites?

cheers thanks for your help

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:) ;) :P ;) :P :D B)

play back was slightly clunky...

but who cares cos godamn it worked, FINALLY motogp on the move

weird thing is i tried skyfire when i 1st got the phone & it didn't work with hardly any flash vids at all...

i guess i missed the latest release?

but anyway, thanks VERY much for hooking me up with that, MAGIC B)



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