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Arash Amirfarzam

Help me to choose best windows mobile ?

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Hi mates :huh:

I have an omnia and I love winmo but touch sensitivity in omnia not good for me.

I plan to buy a new windows mobile BUT I can’t decide which one is better.

I know HD2 is the best but it’s a little big and I think battery life isn’t good, is it true?

I want to buy a windows mobile with:

1. Powerful CPU, ram.

2. Best battery life.

3. AND BEEEEEEST SOFTWARE SUPPORT (with standard resolution).

4. Best touch sensitivity (maybe like iphone)

I want to have winmo device with capacitive touch screen if it’s possible, or a resistive touch screen mobile with sensitive and good touch screen.

(My sister has a Nokia 5800 and touch sensitivity in 5800 is soooo much better than my omnia) Therefore a resistive windows mobile like 5800 touch screen sensitivity.

Now which phone you prefer to me?

Thaaaaanks :P

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Well, haven't you heard that Windows Phone 7 is gonna be released soon with some really cool phones? I'd wait for that and see what they got to offer.

Also, haven't you tried a capacitive touch screen? There's a BIG difference in touch sensitivity compared to resistive screens. There's no way I'm going back to resistive screens after buying my HD2. Go to your nearest phone retailer and try them out. You'll see the difference instantly.

And for the battery life in HD2, you are correct. I'm receiving around 100-150 e-mails/day, listen to music a few hours per day, read RSS feeds and I'll have to recharge the battery every night. When I go to bed, nowadays the battery level in my HD2 is around 20-40%. Meaning it won't last 2 days. Though, if you plan not to use e-mail at all and you are not going to browse the internet on it and listen to music very randomly, I can guarantee you that you'll have at least 2-3 days of battery life. Never tried it myself so I'm just guessing here...

If you have further questions about the HD2, feel free to ask.

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if i use of HD2 and i play with app and menus and send and recive sms and missed calls .

HD2 battery life ?

Like I said, I've never used my HD2 without Exchange sync. It will last more than 2 days for sure, but I don't know exactly how much.

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