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"sounds and notifications"

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how do i get to the "sounds and notifications" menu from the saqmsung UI??

can't find it anywhere...

or - how do i disable the samsung UI so i can get to the WM S&N menu ?

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Please always mention OS that you are using in the phone while posting such questions. This phone ships with both Windows Mobile 6.5 and 6.1. Anyways, Sounds and Notification has been consolidated into Sound Settings>Ring and Sound Settings>Notifications. Only few settings (and mostly required) are available with a better looking interface.

To get the original UI, on WM 6.1, just go to Samsung Settings> TouchWiz interface, and disable it. ON 6.5, you will need to first display the Windows Mobile settings icon in the start menu, along with the samsung one. Search the forum, the method to do it is already posted. Then use the new icon to go to standard WM settings.

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