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Good news everybody! (Said with Prof. Farnsworth's voice)

I finally managed to recreate the script and upload it to my backup host - the backup of your ID's have been loaded, and I spent some time making it prettier to look at.

While coding it from scratch again i decided to use MySQL this time, which i did so we are now running on SQL instead of a text file :P

Appearently my VPS host didn't have in mind bringing the service back up so it's now hosted on my webhotel, and a backup copy of the database and script will be kept somewhere else (Which i forgot the URL of right now)

So, the new script is here:


And a quick list of changes summarized:


1. Since I did not completely rewrite the script yet, spaces are not automatically removed.

2. The script WILL NOT accept your whole link anymore, same reason as for change 1

3. The script is now based on MySQL instead of writing to a text file. This makes it compatible with most webhosts so i can set up a backup

4. NEW DESIGN! I managed to put together a page design, so it does indeed now look a lot better.

5. The report link function was removed, it didn't work, and I had nowhere to put it.

Yet to come is:

1. URL checking. (I'm not sure if it will work, but there is an idea about how to do it)

2. Restoration of some old features like automatically cutting away the URL

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