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2 data network related questions

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- When both my data and wifi connections are enabled, and I enter a zone with wifi reception, my Legend switches to the Wifi link; that works great. When my phone is idle for a while, the wifi goes into sleep mode (also fine) but it starts using the data connection for background sync, which is not OK as I have a traffic-limited data plan. Is there a better way to set up my phone to avoid this (except disabling the data connection)?

Which brings me to my second question

- When I disable my data connection (through the settings or the included data on/off widget) and re-enable it afterward, my phone doesn't reconnect automatically to the data network of my provider (Proximus). I have to disconnect/reconnect to my provider (I have several options: manually select my provider, change the network mode to wcdma only and back to wcdma/gsm, restart my phone, ...) and after this the data connection works fine and keeps working untill I disable it again.

Is this a problem specific to my provider or are other people experiencing this? and is there a solution? ;-)

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


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I was searching this forum for a related problem and came across this thread.

I have an Orange San Francisco and while trying battery saving strategies, I turned off data connection and switched to 2G at night. In morning I couldn't manage to get data connection to reconnect even after switching between 2G and 3G. Only a device reboot got it working. I have replicated this issue multiple times now. I am on T-mobile network.

It seems this problem is not just limited to my device and variants of this problem are being experienced by other phone model users.


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