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PaulOBrien Orange release repack - this enables code based SIM unlock

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As you may know, unlocks based on codes for the Orange HTC Tattoo Ink have not been possible before now.

With the release of the ROM however, the unlock system works properly (i've just tested it)! :)

The downside is that applying the official update blats all your data, overwrites your recovery etc. etc., so i've repacked it in an update zip below which only flashes boot, system and the updated radio.

So if you want to unlock: Nandroid backup, flash this zip, boot, unlock, Nandroid restore. Done! :)

DOWNLOAD (MediaFire Pro)



PS I used these guys for me code (nice fast delivery - http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/gadget_international

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I couldn't use this to update the firmware due to Mainframe's recovery not working. I used Orange's RUU software to wipe and update the firmware. Then I used the link that Paul gave above to obtain the code (couldn't get it from anywhere else!) for £12 (quite a bargain really) and it worked! Phone unlocked! Great eBay trader (I had my doubts) and thanks Paul!

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I have installed ClockWorkMod, and get a scripting failure (something of not supported scripting language) when trying to install the firmware from the recovery menu.

Any ideas?

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