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Holy Joe

Need Help getting WiFi back on

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Does anybody know where to find the WiFi settings in the registry? I have a Samsung Propel Pro i627 on AT&T. I have opted out of a Data Plan. In doing so, AT&T turns off my WiFi also. I know this because the store rep turned it all on to check this out. WiFi works with the data plan, but it is blocked with data blocked. This blocks not only the AT&T Hotspots (which I could care less about), but also my personal home and business WiFi networks.

As far as I'm concerned, AT&T blocking my phone's use of my personal networks is a bunch of bull. They "claim" that it uses their data to use my wifi. Funny, I can plug into the USB and use the cable connection through my PC and access the internet with no charge and it doesn't use their network. Why would they really think that MY WiFi is using THEIR network? Oh, yeah, they want to CHARGE me for a Data plan. :lol:

Sorry for the ranting.....just wondering if anyone else has figured out where WM6 turns the internal WiFi on and off in the registry. Turning it on with the menus does not work (it turns "on" but cannot access anything)

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