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Forum for the Samsung Wave S8500

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The Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Wave s8500 are practically twins with the Galaxy S using a bigger screen and the Android OS.

Problem is the Android Powered Samsung Galaxy S is almost two times the cost of the samsung wave s8500!

Now i dont know whether this is a tactical ploy by samsung to promote its own inhouse BADA operating system but the price difference between the two phones is really an eye opener.

The good android phones and the Iphones are a bit too expensive for my taste costing as much as an entry level laptop.

Now samsung came up with the Samsung Wave s8500 which has all the power of the More expensive Smasung galaxy S

yet at only 60 percent of the price.

granted the samsung galaxy s has a larger screen and uses Android but thats about it.

BADA however has only 150 applications and most of them useless.

Only a few good games and most games dont even use the 3d capabilities of the

wave's powervr sgx 535.

- Both phones use the The 1ghz hummingbird processor

- (Cortex A8 processor PLUS a powervr sgx 535.. much better combo than the qualcomm snapdragon processor)

- Both Phones have 5 meg cameras PLUS 720p recording

- Both Phones support 720p playback even mkv files

- Both use super Amoled Screens with the bigger screen going to to the Samsung galaxy S

- Both have 512mb of system memory

- I just dont get it why the Samsung Galaxy S costs almost twice the samsung wave 8500

- Maybe Samsung did this intentionally knowing most people would go for the cheaper yet identically spec-ed phone suppoting their own BAda OS.


Still since the hardware under the hood is so similar is it possible to port the Android OS from the samsung galaxy to the samsung wave 8500?

I just like the samsung wave's price better

(prices for Samsung galaxy s in my country 32,000 pesos or 687.433 USD

Samsung Wave S8500 in my country 18,300 pesos or 393.464 USD)

Prices are for brand new units, openline, with One year Samsung Warranty

Point is that a forum for the Samsung Wave s8500 can consolidate questions and information on what can be done on this device. (maybe even dual boot android and windows mobile)

There are firmwares available for both devices on http://samsung-firmware.webs.com/

Maybe a comparison of whats different from the firmwares used on these devices can help.

Wish i was a programmer.

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I hear ya! We need Android on the Samsung Wave.

It seems quite a few people want this to happen and are willing to donate to get Android ported to the Samsung Wave.

See this thread:

Android Port to Samsung Wave

Maybe go across to that thread and post as well to show your support.

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