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can not access to system/csc/xee/system

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after patching the firmware to JG1 i had this error (can not access to system/csc/xee/system), but went ahead and installed modaco rom. all went fine and the phone works, but 3g connection is very weak. Any suggestions?

edit: i also tried the russian csc file (no help)

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Does the error happen after Kais has pushed the files to the phone, and the phone has booted into recovery to apply?

If yes, happens here too, I assume it's normal as it happened the first time I went into recovery, before I pushed a new ROM.

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I have found a solution...

I had the problem myself with can not acces to /system/csc/VAU/system/

Download "Root Explorer" and Install

Make sure you go to the main folder (not sd cards)

click "system" then "csc"

The file system in there is Read/Only, so you must make it Read/Write by clicking the Mount R/W, it will become Mount R/O.

Now press the menu button and click "New Folder"

Make the a folder you need, Which in your case's it is "XEE" then in that folder make another one called "system"

All those folders are case sensitive i think... just do it in case.

Now... On all 3 folders (csc, XEE, & system) touch & hold the folder till "options" appears, then click "permissions"

and tick all boxes.

Abracadabra, hey presto... The problem will be gone now!

.......I'm not entirely sure why this problem is out there or what it does as the folders seem to stay empty, but it WILL fix your problem. I am only new to android but i ADVERTISING SPAM solving

----Not sure if permanent or not but easy as..

Hope this helps...rolleyes.gif

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