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Galaxy S downsizing all images - Android or firmware problem?

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I have a short question/problem/whatever ^^

As we already know, the gallery downsizes images and doesn't resize them when zooming in ... I painfully accepted that, but ...

When I look at contact pictures in the dialer or at my cover arts in the mp3 player app, they're also extremely pixelated, which doesn't origin from the pictures I'm using ... I use cover arts with an average resolution of 450x450, but they look like upscaled 50x50 thumbnails ... same goes for the contact pictures; here I took a relatively large part of a picture I shot with the phone's camera, but it looks like an upscaled 15x15 picture, just a mesh of damn few pixels :-/

Any idea how I can fix this?

Do you have the same problem?

Running firmware JFB without modaco at the moment as wavesecure crashed on me with r1 each time I booted the phone.

Would change to r2 if it should fix my problem.

Hope anyone can help me! And thanks for reading ;-)

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Yes I've noticed this too... its as though the phone is just upsizing the thumbnails. Really irratating especially on a phone with such a good screen too. I'm afraid I don't know of a fix though.

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Does it do it for all pictures? What about trying a different picture viewer/gallery from marketplace?

I think you've misunderstood. Basically, in the music player when displaying the cover art when phone is held in portrait mode it appears blocky, even when the cover art is of a high resolution, so it looks as though its just upsizing a thumbnail if you see what I mean.

I think it may be the same for the contacts as well but I've not got that far with tweaking my phone yet.

In the gallery though, I've noticed you can't get the full detail of your photos in there. I put some 5mp photos in there that I took with a compact camera and they don't show anywhere near as much detail as the picture actually have when you zoom in... a little annoying, so I'm going to batch convert them all to half the size to gain a few extra mb's on the card, seems pointless using all that space if you can't see the detail.

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