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T-Mobile Pulse Mini has no graphics drivers, but does it have a GPU at all?

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I asked a similar question over at the T-Mobile forums earlier and was directed here (see link below).


I got my Pulse Mini today and noticed the sluggish performance even in simple 2d games and despite the low resolution screen. I ran the glInfo app and found that the OpenGL version is 1.0 CM, the OpenGL vendor is "Android", and the OpenGL Renderer is "Android PixelFlinger 1.2". To summarize, this is saying that the OpenGL ES on the device is of an old standard and implemented in software.

I then ran the "neocore" benchmarking app which is specifically designed to showcase Qualcomm Adreno gles 1 GPUs and it scored just 6 fps while rendering with errors in billboard sprites. The G1 is reported to score > 20 fps in this benchmark.

I initially thought that the problem here was that huawei had not integrated the software stack well and had not bothered to get gles drivers working, but as I search more I'm seeing contradictory opinions as to whether MSM7225 in the Pulse Mini has GPU hardware at all. Has anyone on this forum actually seen a TRM or at least a datasheet for the MSM7225? If so, can you give a definitive answer: does it have a GPU? GLES 1.1 or GLES 2.0(unlikely)? A link to one of the said docs would be even more interesting.

Thanks for any insights.



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