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GPS Dead

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Hi guys

I'm using Ryrzy's WM6.5 M2D ROM. My GPS was working until earlier today.

On the Omnia I went to the Nogarder GPS utility (*#1472365#) and changed from hot start mode to cold start (I found the hot start fixes were always inaccurate, even on WM6.1).

Anyway, having changed that, I tried to fire up my GPS... And I now see no satellites at all. I've changed it back to hot start, done a soft reset, even re-flashed my ROM again. I still have no GPS signal at all. It's as though the applications just aren't picking up data from the GPS anymore.

In the Nogarder util, when I go Menu -> Get Position, then Menu -> Views -> Satellite Info. It has no satellite numbers listed, it's literally seeing nothing.

Number of satellites in used: 0

Number of satellites in view: 0

Used PRN:

Any help would be awesome, thanks.


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I've flashed the original Samsung i900 ROM back, still getting no GPS signal at all. Exact same output in the Nogarder GPS util... It doesn't make sense, but is it possible the GPS itself has been damaged?

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I have your same problem. GPS seems to be dead. It doesn't work anymore.

How have you solved?

I have a Samsung i8000 Omnia 2 with Nogarder A-GPS

Suddenly, VisualGPS doesn't get any satellite (neither the grey ones)... last time i used it (one week ago) it fixed perfectly in 15 seconds! Now it seems really dead!

I tried to refresh AGPS data, nothing.

In Nogarder GPS Utility i cannot get any signal also if in totally open spaces with blue sky, i tried it for over 30-40 minutes, no satellites!! No signal!

I have never touched NOTHING in the GPS configuration... it stopped to work from a day to another.

I tried also to reflash but nothing to do.....

I can't belive it!!!

Someone can halp me? :(

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