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apn settings o2

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Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me here.

I've been battling with apn settings for the past few days without success. The settings that o2 sent me do NOT work for mms messages. This is the problem.

Ive tried DOZENS of different apn settings without success. Ensuring there entered correctly. I have now found apn settings that do work for mms, but there's a problem.

On loading a Rom from neophyte over at xda, it gives me apn settings WITHOUT the entry "mms protocol". This is good because it enables me to then configure my apn settings which work fine providing that entry, mms protocol is not present.

On every other Rom that ive flashed (which is many) mms protocol exists, and it doesn't allow you to delete it, it forces you to choose from two options. Choose either, result, no mms regardless of any variation of configuration.

So is there a way to get the apn settings from the other Rom transferred over to R8. I've got back up pro and titanium, but doesn't appear to want to transfer over.

Please someone help.


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