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Michael vd Hoek

Omnia i900 won't update

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Hi Guys,

As a new member i will first introduce myself, My name is Michael and i'm 23 yrs old. Born and raised in the Netherlands.

About a year ago i bought a i900 omnia, nice phone didn't have any problems what so ever. But after 5 months the phone would get some weird errors.

Like: Re enter id code or verification number, it would end calls sometimes around 6 sec, Sounds just stopped working (had to switch the phone off and on again to get it back), Lost my external memory (had to switch it off and on again) and so on.

So i thought, lets give it a try and update my phone to a new ROM. So i went to the samsung site and the site asked what my omnia version was. So i entered my version and the site said: The version you have entered is uncorrect. Please try again.

I though, well i don't want to wreck my phone so just ignore the errors and failures.

But, yesterday i thought, well.. try it again, maybe the luck is with me this time. Well.. no..

I tried and tried but nothing works. So i ended up here. Reading and searching, but no idea what to do. I tried different countries so it wouldn't ask my for my version but then the installation checks your phone and it will say, wrong version. please try again. I didn't want to try a unofficial ROM because i've never updated a phone before. It's my only phone so i can't wreck it.

Can anyone help me with this problem? I just want to update my rom version and hopefully get some more batterylife and less mem. usage.

I prefer a official rom in dutch but if there is a better solution, let me know.

My phone version:

PDA: i900XKHK3 / ASHK2

Phone: i900XXHJ2

WM 6.1

if there are any grammar mistakes, excuse me for that, i did my best :D

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