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Owner information keeps popping up... please help - solved

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i have a problem... my owner information screen keeps popping up when my phone is turn on from standby or powering up...

i already untick the tab [when te device is turned on, display identification information] in Settings>General settings>owner information>identification>

however... everytime i unticked the tab and press done.... when i go back to see.. the tab is still ticked.

please help me to solve this... thanks alot


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After few days, I have found the solution to show and/or disable the My Info screen at power up before lockscreen or normal screen show up.

Thanks to this Blog http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=7498413&postID=1731934624225103946

this trick apply to WM6.5.x only

Under Registry key


Open key [Owner] and [Owner notes] under Binary [ 00 00 00 ..... 00 00 ]

check the last 2nd bit, and

- set to 00 => to disable My Info screen (it is same as set Identification under Option Tab of Owner Information in WM6 or WM6.1)

- set to 01 or 08 in order to show up My Info at startup or power up screen before Lockscreen.

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