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On Air

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Welcome to 'Paul's App of the Day', where I pick one of my favourite apps as featured app of the day! Today's app is...

On Air

What they say

On Air allows you to easily transfer files over your Wi-Fi connection by accessing it as if were a drive, from within your Finder.

Third beta: currently Mac is supported through AppleTalk,
Windows and Linux are supported through WebDAV or FTP.

What we say

Transferring files to your device can be a pain if you have to go hunting for a sync cable... On Air makes it easy! Tailored for Mac but also great on Windows, On Air provides access via AppleTalk, WebDAV or FTP. It's very simple to use, secure and best of all FREE!




View at AppBrain

Direct Market Link (for on device)

View on Android Market


To use, install 'Barcode Scanner' from the Android Market.




Market star rating at time of writing

3.81 (470 ratings)

Version at time of writing


Similar / Alternative apps

Also check out Awesome Drop and SwiFTP Server.

Suggested improvements for the next version

None immediately spring to mind.

Have your say

Fan of On Air? Found something better? Just wanna share your experiences? Post below! :huh:

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