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New Miri Rom Clean 6.5.x 23135

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Rom By Miri for LEO

This ROM is based on Windows Mobile 6.5.X build 23135.

I've removed some applications that I don't consider much needed but anyway you can install them by cabs found on forum.

Base ROM: 2.13.531.1

These ROMs are using Tom's Autoinstall | Create a folder on your SDCard with name Autoinstall and place all your CABs & XMLs there, after flashing, your CABs and XMLs will be autoinstalled.

You MUST use only T-Mobile US compatible radios

Thanks to:

- Bepe for his kitchen and releasing HSPL & SSPL for HD2

- Tom for Autoinstall

- This forum and it's people

Removed from all versions: V20

- Removed NetCF 2.0 and replaced with NetCF 3.5

- Album sample images/videos

- CoPilot

- Google Maps (you can install your own from m.google.com using Internet Explorer)

- Worldcard Mobile

- Java

- Jetcet Print

- OOBE (HTC Animation after flashing)

- Windows Live/Messenger


Base apps required to run the system, so that people can decide to install whatever they like.

Same as Standard but with the following apps removed (Adobe PDF, Audio Booster, HTC Phone Canvas, Streaming Media, Teeter, Youtube, HTC Connection Setup, HTC FormatSD, HTC Volume Control, HTC Ringtones and Alerts, Office 2010)


More Images:





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