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help with GMail on X10

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Hi everyone,

I need help with my friends X10.

We set up a gmail address for her, when she got the phone --> [email protected] but she didn't like that address so she never used it. That address was registered with the phone by going to the mobile section of the googlemail site, and sending a text to the phone.

I have since deleted this account from her phone... the reason being she set up a new address -> [email protected] but it seems she played around with that a bit, trying to synch emails etc

This [email protected] account still appears on her phone because when I look for synchronisation, and look at google, I can see it in a panel. This phone is set up for [email protected]

She decided to set up a third address, yes, we are going to call that [email protected]

She has set up this address on the PC,. and sends her hotmail and other emails to it. We can see on the PC that emails have indeed been moved to the gmail account.

We do not seem to be able to synchronise the [email protected] mail, calendar and contacts with her X10. If I click on the account, I can check mail, calendar and contacts but despite seeing some activity with a synchronisation icon, nothing synchs!

I have also cleared the data from apps ->? google apps.

Any advice? I will meet her tomorrow and will ask her to show me her phone again.

I wonder whether we should delete all email accounts and reinstall.

I don't want to do a factory reset and start again.

Ofiaich ;-)

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