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[ROM][GER][LITE] WM 6.5 Build 21883 (JE2)

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Here you get german only light rom based on the B7610DDJE2 (WM 6.5 Build 5.2.21883). Like my former custom rom with about 80 MB free program memory after boot and 30 minutes gone without starting any application.



  • All samsung apps removed except camera, settings and clock
  • Extracted all files from B7610INUJE2.csc and update the files, that are left in my rom (AlarmWatcher, Connection Settings, SECContact, tclock, XT9MyWords, MobileTracker, NameEdit, PhoneSettings)
  • removed some wallpapers and mp3 Files, removed links to PlayerAutoUpdate and ScreenCapture from Autostart
  • removed internet sharing, ipsec, facebook, widgets, windows live, marketplace, microsoft phone and entertainment (games)
  • changed Opera 9 to Opera Mini 5.1
  • changed NETCF from 2 to 3.5 (don't know why JE2 has old version build-in)
  • changed google maps to 4.1.1
  • added tools: CleanRam, BattClock 3.0.3, PsShutXP, Antworks Wallpaper Changer, CHome editor 1.6, Midomi and Midomi Online Configurator (to use it with only wlan), HTC Sensor DLL, Mortscript, Wifi and Bluetooth Toggler mapped to W/L Button by AEBPlus, Regedit, PimBackup, Total Commander, Skype Mobile 3, Hyper GPS
  • added titanium plugins: Bliss theme, ATContacts, Notification, COffice
  • registry tweaks: gps settings, old settings enabled, lowmem, callid match 14, rotation as key enabled

O*f*f*i*c*e is still 2007, because the 2010 verion has heavy bugs. f.e. find and replace in excel does not work like in the english version.

Now based on JE2 ROM, Pagepool value changed to 8 MB.

All needed samsung apps can be installed from the collection thread. Only some samsung apps from rom JE2 build are newer than jc2. Can provide them, if someone wants them.

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Because of the Build ist should be newer. 21889 is Build JC2, 21883 is JE2.

For me it seems to be faster, but that could be subjective. And I have to replace the NetCF, because in JE2 it is again Net 2 instead of 3.5, so I integrated 3.5 in my rom again

can you tell me the difference between WM6.5.21889 ?
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