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New portscape themes for WAD

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Hi guys!

I've some news which you might be interested in...

you all know that WAD supports two theme layouts:portrait and lanscape.

well this doesn't satisfy me because every time I start WAD I must rotate the screen manually to go to landscape mode...

I've been working on some kind of theme that I call it PORTSCAPE.it's portrait mode in fact but modified(only rotated)to fit screen like landscape theme.

I'm at the middle of building the Windows 7 portscape theme.it has two mods.normal and Aero which you can choose at display setting.

the theme comes with full functional windows and buttons and,of course,the sweet glassy style.

I'll write full description in www.ppcpersian.741.com in a few days.

screenshots...I'll put theme in my next posts.

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Hi friends.this thread is not closed...

I've been busy these few weeks but I'll be free in some days .

The screenshots will be on the next post I make...

good luck!!

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