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A2SD/A2SD+ on stock HTC rom ?

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Hi all !

OK after reading a lot of stuff on the web (mainly modaco and xda), I finally understood a bit more this Apps2Sd thingy.

Like most people I have an "internal storage" problem on my desire

Now I managed to have fully rooted HTC Desire, with security off even though the bootloader is 0.9x using unrevoked. Great piece of software B)

Great so far, but I still have a space problem.

After further reading, I finally understood that thestandard Froyo Apps2Sd sucks and still eats up loads of internal memory because apps aren't designed to take advantage of it and a few other reasons but I digress.

So the only solution is to install the unofficial apps2sd or apps2sd+ (the ony diference being that app2sd+ also moves the dalvik cache, right ?)

However, so far, I've only read explanations about using a2sd/a2sd+ with a CUSTOM rom.

Now I know that modaco and xda custom roms are just great (used to test a few with my old acer liquid) but well I'm very satisfied of HTC stock rom indeed. Seriously, I can't see anything to change.

So, I'd like to use a2sd/a2sd+ but avoid going through wiping the phone, falshing a new rom and all...Furthermore, I took some time to link the contacts between gmail and facebook and I wouldn't like to do it again.

Is this possible to use a2sd/a2sd+ using the standard HTC rom, without having to flash a new custom rom ? And if yes, could some kindly explain me how ?

Best regards


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I don't know about your question, but contact links will carry across ROMs, it's saved in your google contacts.

I went from a stock ROM to R9 two days ago, and it really took no time at all to set up. What took the most time was restoring all my apps (48 of them) through Titanium Backup because I didn't have the paid version, so you need to click "ok" to press each and every app. Of course there's also some other minor settings to change, like your ringtone etc, but personally I found it to be worth the change. Busybox is the most useful one, so you can use droid explorer on the computer. I also excluded all widgets and apps I don't use (like the sense launcher and all widgets) and my phone runs quite a bit better now.

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I am also suffering from the memory limitations and would desperately need a2sd support. For several reasons I can not flash a custom ROM (e.g. because I am testing apps on this device and need to do it on the stock ROM).

I read through some threads and howtos already (e.g. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=894445 and http://www.androidwiki.de/htc-desire-how-to-root-your-desire-add-apps2sd.html) but I am still uncertain if it is somehow possible to enable A2SD+ on a _rooted_ stock HTC rom.

I read about enabling init.d script support which sounds promising but I haven't seen any real success story with that.

Can someone tell me if this can be done or if I can stop looking around for a solution?

Thank you very much,


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