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Help with new phone advice / upgrade options

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I've currently got a G1 phone which I had on an 18 month contract approx 17 months ago.

I'm on T-mobile on a Business Contract paying approx £25+vat (approx £30) /month. I get far too many minutes and texts and unlimited data. I think it is 900mins unlimited texts

I'd like to pay less - that is my main goal!

I've been very happy with the G1 but it's started to play up with the touch screen not responding some of the time. Can get by most of the time with the keyboard but the swipe to unlock thing gets tricky!!

I've phoned T-mobile and they can't do their usual swap for a refurb phone as they don't have left, but they will send it off for me for repair, which will take 1-2 weeks.

However they suggested I upgrade my phone first and they will still let me send off the G1 after I get the upgrade and get that repaired as a backup phone.

I currently use between 200 and 300 mins a month and less than 100 texts a month, and a varying amount of data (no idea how much)

They've offered me the HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy S for the same price I pay now, or the htc wildfire or motorola defy for £20 inc VAT. (these are all on 24 month contracts)

The G1 does everything I need, so I'm half tempted to stick with it, are the new android phones much better? They all lack the keyboard I really love!

Will a repaired G1 last as long as having a new phone?

I'm not sure if I should try and ask them to reduce my contract to a cheap contract and keep this phone or if I should try and get one of these cheap £10 /month tesco deals or similar?

What would you do?!

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Thanks I did see that one on the web but T-mobile don't offer it yet and I expect it to be out of budget.

I did laugh to myself slightly as the woman at t-mobile told me that all slide out keyboard phones were being stopped and that they were old-fashioned now!

One other thing, I've bought a couple of Apps from the marketplace, are they transferable? In fact if I wipe my G1 before sending it for repair will I still be able to reinstall the software? Only one I'm really concerned about is copilot

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If you are able to buy an unlocked phone (HTC Desire ~£250, ZTE Blade ~£100) I would suggest going on a 30 day sim only deal. Works out cheaper in the long run. Couple of good ones at the moment are:

Tesco: £10/month, 500 mins, 3000 texts, 500mb Internet

GiffGaff: £10/month, 250 mins, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Internet

It's good this way as new better offers come out all the time. E.g I recently signed up for the tesco deal, then noticed the giffgaff one and gonna change over soon.

Cheers, Oli

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