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[ROM][GER/WWE][ULTRA] WM Build 21916 JC2 based

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Second ultra lite rom in german for all users that like wm 6.5 more than 6.5.x based on newer kernel 21916 ported from HTC HD2

- Changelog

V1 (2010-12-06) German / WWE

  • WM with Kernel 21916 ported from HD2
  • removed sys: autoupdate, entertainment, sample music, skybox, skymarket, sqlcemobile, themes, welcome center, windows live, widgets, enterprise
  • removed samsung apps: all except camera, dialer, xt9, settings
  • added tools: autoclose patch 1.1, dotfred task manager (includes regedit), mortscript (for titanium), htc sensor dll, uc_net, chome editor
  • added tweaks: pagepool is 12 mb, windows sms is default sms app, taskbar shows battery percentage. startmenu has 4 grids, better gps driver, w/l button mapped to bt (press once) and wifi toggle (press twice)
  • registry tweaks: threaded sms enabled, old sms application enabled, old settings enabled, low mem value, callidmatch, autolockscreen disabled, dialer skin disabled, rotation mapable to key, in call recording, popup font size reduced, input method redirect deleted, open images with pimg.exe
  • Data memory is about 302 MB
  • Program memory is about 92 MB (dialer diabled and no mymobiler started)

Known bugs:

- sometimes hotkeys have grey background

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WOW! What's up man? You are overwhelming us with ROMs!

Now I cannot decide, which one I should test and which one I want to use for my future ;)

Thanks alot for fixing the old one and creating an new one with an updated kernel! I will test them both today afternoon!


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OK, here's my QuickReport (30Mins after flashing):

- Flashing works

- Free RAM first Boot: ~90MB

- Free RAM after replacing StartMenu with MAppLauncher: ~ 92MB

- SamsungApps: OK

- MobileInternet: OK

- HardwareButtons: OK

- SlidingLockscreen: NO ;) Why?


- As mentioned: grey Hotkeys



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SlidingLockscreen: NO ;) Why?

yeah i have problem awaking device (sometime) when device is left 15-20 mins untouched !!!

Edited by dhawal3320

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