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is there much difference betwen dext and milestone

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I have a Motorola Dext here in the UK, which I have rooted and the adlxmod 2.1.5-2 rom installed,

what I am wanting to know/understand.

I have the chance of a "b" grade milestone unlocked with 12 months warranty for just under £200 and wanted to know

1, Which phone would I stand a better chance of getting rom updates from motorola or sites like this, the Milestone or the DEXT.

I already own a 4th gen ipod touch and use that for net and games. but I wanted a Mobile that will last at least another year. and can play some games too unlike the dext which is way to slow for most 3d games etc

2, I undestand the Milestone has its own GPU and its faster than the dext, but the cpu speed is only around 20odd mhz faster

I understand its not the same cpu but does it make much difference in terms of speed for loading webpages etc.

I think its just life span I am looking for as I'm on pay as you go and did not want to be spending £500 on an iPhone. not when My last car was only £600 lol

I do like android but I need something thats going to last. and fast for video and odd game of angry birds etc


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