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Ultimate Motorola Defy Owners Guide

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Welcome to my guide to help you with every thing android related to your defy!

Your defy is hard on the outside but it can be damaged on the inside, so I take no responsibility if you mess up but it is very hard to brick the defy

Any questions feel free to ask and we will try to help you

Have fun modding!

If you have a gide you want to add pm me! (i will link every thing to modoco pages soon)


First up are some tools you should become familiar with if you want to start modding your device

  • how to root the defy
    - Gain admin access ----------Use super one click and just press a button (very easy)

  • how to over clock the defy
    - increase processor speed ---------- just download milestone over clock from market (easy)

  • how to install recovery
    - allow installation of custom roms ---------- install app that allows recovery mode to work (easy)

  • Using rds lite
    - allow installation motorola roms ---------- and application that allows you to re-flash your phone (medium)

  • How to install 2nd init
    - use 2nd init bypass bootloader ---------- use an app to install 2nd init (Hard)

  • How to factory reset / unbrick
    - reset you phone to complete stock ---------- use RSD Lite to flash a stock SBF (medium)

    If you are familiar with RSD lite you can flash a Motorola signed rom quite easily.A list of SBF's can be found here at xda. I would check the thread first to make sure every thing is ok with it and it is downloadable to save your self a lot of trouble

    Official UK froyo 2.2 Upgrades

    For the official Vodaphone uk Froyo update Look here
    For the official T-Mobile uk Froyo update Look over here

    Non official (but probably better) Upgrades

    any tips you have share below

    any questions feel free to ask below

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rather than linking to another forum, why don't you do this on modaco.

i will do at somestage when i feel it is to a good standard and i know every think i wrote is right! :D

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