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Playing with LiveView - Making it Work

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Hullo all,

I got myself a LiveView for christmas and have been having all the usual "fun" with it, however i'm starting to get a handle on some of the ways to more consistently make it work and thought i'd share them for your opinions and thoughts!

I'm using the current versions of software, i.e. the liveware app has big icons for the headphones, liveview and so forth.

Starting from a position where the device is already paired, frequently it'll get to where I can't connect it - it says 0:00 when I turn it on, and then when I press the right hand button it tries to connect and goes back to 0:00. If you run liveware and look at the devices you can see it is actually connected briefly and then disconnects. If this happens, just manually start the liveview app and then press the button on the device to reconnect, i've found this makes it connect every time i've tried so far.

If the device runs out of battery while it's connected however, be warned that this will at some point cause a 100% cpu spin on the phone. I haven't seen this any other time, but twice now i've seen the device run out of battery and then a little while later (perhaps when RSS tries to send an update?) the phone grinds and dies. I would suggest that if the battery on the phone fails then you should terminate the liveview application or do a restart of your phone just to prevent it freezing at an inopportune time.

The other issues I had when I first got the device such as not being able to get any plugins at all to work etc seem to have disappeared by themselves, not sure what the reason was but I have seen two or three software updates since I first got it all so i'm happy to write it off to that fixing it.

I've managed to get a number of plugins working, including the liveview poweramp one, linked to winamp and last.fm to get all the album images and so forth showing, which is fantastic. Where am I is very cool too. Also got the contact call one working with the images from the contact list, again, very nice.

This device has a ton of potential, let's hope SE can rectify these niggly robustness issues in the January update.


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Ive been playing myself and ive found that a HD rom by baadnewz on the XDA forums seems to work best. Its still not great but its given me the best results.

Im waiting for the promised firmware update this month but if it doesnt arrive or doesnt fix it ill be returning it. Great piece of kit but its just sat on my desk atm as I cant use it reliably.

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