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AMDZERO's i920 DC23 Stock Rom

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I erased all data in my storage and after a reset, a message pops up saying non supported battery. I am currently running a cooked rom and I want to flash the i920 DC23 rom to "hopefully restore all settings". I tried flashing a cooked DC23 Rom (Steel's NONSENSE) and then using the Verizon update for DG21 but when trying, the updater says the phone is not compatible. I am hoping that if I flash the original ROM it will restore the missing files (if that is what the problem is).

I am trying to flash AMDZERO's i920 DC23 Stock rom but i have no clue how to. I have flashed roms before but I'm not sure what to do with this one. First I extracted it using 7zip and it opened up the i920 DC23 Stock folder. I have no clue what to do from there. I'm not sure if there is a .nbo file in there or what to do. Any help would be appreciated.


Solved my own problem. I had tried to install kinoma play and for some reason it installed files into the XDA folder on my storage card. After erasing that data, the "non supported battery" message disappeared.

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