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Meet the addictive puzzle Cubix: Dragon's Lore!

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We finally did it! ;) Let us introduce our new title to you:


Looking for a new puzzle challenge? Then why not try Cubix - The simply stunning 3D cube crushing puzzle game. With around 200 levels you can discover the mysteries of the Far East and solve the quests as Kirin the legendary dragon. Make use of a multitude of power-ups and bonus blocks and create carnage with the powerful dragon combos. Hot Seat mode allows you to play against your friends on one handset and there's 4 single player game modes for the discerning solo gamer! Take your block busting skills to a whole new dimension with Cubix – Dragon's Lore. Oh yes, be careful! It's VERY addictive :)

Game features:

  • 4 single player game modes
  • HotSeat mode
  • About 200 levels
  • Story mode with a full-blooded plot and upgrade system

The detailed information about the game, including screenshots and trailer is available on the HeroCraft PDA site - http://smart.herocraft.com.

Please, leave your impressions, comments, questions, suggestions... whatever your like =) And thank you for attention!

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Planning to release anything on Windows Phone 7?

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